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About Me

After at least a decade suffering from numerous and escalating symptoms, at age 33 I was finally diagnosed with Hashimoto's hypothyroidism, an autoimmune disease considered incurable and of unknown origin.
I accepted my condition even relieved because at least I had a label to put on what was going wrong inside me.
But I couldn't accept that the only solution given was a daily pill for the rest of my life. 

After almost three years taking pills but not feeling entirely fine, I decided that the time to search my own answers had arrived. 

I have spent the last 8 years reading, studying and experimenting almost all the different approaches I could find about this unexplainable behaviour: our body attacking himself

I'm free of any medication almost for 4 years now, and I'm full of vibrant vitality. 


In 2020 and thanks to this crisis, I decided to gather all what I have learned from excellent doctors I deeply admire –such as Bryan Walsh, Alejandro Junger, Peter Osborne and Rashid Buttar–, and adding other complementary training that I have been doing throughout my last years of personal experimentation, to create this project with the purpose of helping people to regain their RIGHt Balance.

My Values

In my life and in my work




My Academic Achievements

· Finishing my 'All About Detoxification' Specialization with Dr. Brian Walsh

· Certified Bartu Method® Instructor
· Masters Degree - Science of Nutritional Vegetarian & Raw Cuisine
· Diploma in Music Therapy
with Dr. Peter Hess
· Diploma in Bok-Bu Abdominal Massage
· Master in Digital Arts (UPF)
· Superior Degree in Audiovisual Communication (UB)
· Diploma in Music Primary School (UAB)

My Believes

· Almost all can be restored

· Symptoms are messages that my body sends to me about myself

· Our true medicine is what they are forbidding us

· Health is a self discovery process


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Everything is much simpler than we think

There are several and simple things you can do to give your body the chance
to recover its

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