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About Me


At 33, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism after suffering for over a decade with worsening symptoms. Refusing to resign myself to a lifetime of daily medication, I sought my own answers after nearly three years on medication. I began reading, researching, and experimenting with ways to restore my hormonal balance, exploring how lifestyle choices, nutrition, detox, and emotional well-being impact it. Eventually, my thyroid was restored to full function, and I discovered an empowered, fearless version of myself.


Driven by intuition and passion, I transitioned from audiovisual editing to the therapeutic field. I completed a course in vegetarian nutrition, studied detox under Dr. Bryan Walsh, trained as an abdominal masseuse, and learned the transformative Sebastian Bartu Method® – Neuro Somatic Reprogramming®.


Inspired by my journey to reclaim health and vitality, I founded Right Balance in 2020. As a certified Bartu Method practitioner and dedicated bodyworker, I am passionate about helping others achieve balance and a life free of symptoms.

My Purpose

To create a world where every individual has the skills and knowledge to live free from pain and symptoms, and enjoys vibrant vitality.

My Mission

Empowering vitality by enhancing the understanding of physiology and utilizing the most effective cutting-edge pain relief techniques.

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My Academic Achievements

  • Diathermy R200® Technician

  • Certified Bartu Method® - Neuro Somatic Reprogramming® Practitioner

  • 'All About Detoxification' Specialization with Dr. Bryan Walsh

  • Diploma in Abdominal Massage Bok-Bu

  • Master's Degree in the Science of Nutritional Vegetarian & Raw Cuisine

  • Diploma in Music Therapy with Dr. Peter Hess

  • Master in Digital Arts (UPF)

  • Advanced Degree in Audiovisual Communication (UB)

  • Diploma in Primary School Music Education (UAB)

My Believes


  • Almost everything can be restored.

  • Symptoms are messages that our body sends to us about ourselves.

  • Our true medicine is what they are trying to forbid us from having.

  • Health is a process of self-discovery.

  • Our health is correlated with the ability of the fluids in our body to circulate properly.


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