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KePro supplies your body with
the natural nutrition it needs


KePro promotes and maintains gut health and digestion for a lifetime.

With up to 61 live strains of live Grade A probiotics, KePro can help relieve digestive issues and promote more energy so that you can get more done in the day.

Healthy recipes

KePro is delicious and versatile! Add it to smoothies, snacks, overnight oats, and more for a healthy treat on the go. Check out some of our recipes created by actual KePro customers.

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KePro Harmonizing Gut Bacteria & Digestion

$110 - $73,99 Sale

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KePro Large - Harmonizing Gut Bacteria & Digestion

$135 - $97,99 Sale

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Small Family Bundle

$189 - $139,99 Sale

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Two Adult Family KePro Bundle

$160 - $149,99 Sale


I did KePro smoothies every day for a straight week. My stomach issues went away almost immediately... I am so excited about KePro and what it has done for me.
- Susanne Prinson (Dacula, GA)
Not only am I seeing great results in my weight, shape, energy, pain & inflammation, but my acid reflux causing me to wake up with throat and ear pain is gone!!
- Amber Smith (IN)
I have been using KePro for
several months with great
results. Most significantly, KePro
helps curb my cravings,
although I see many other
- Ellie R. (Cleveland, OH)
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Using KePro regularly supplies probiotics and nutrition that helps the body return to balance.


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