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7 Days Of Self-Observation

  • 7Days
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When we propose to make any change in our habits and customs that affect our health and well-being, it is always necessary -I would say essential- to carefully observe what we are doing routinely in our daily lives (without judging or changing anything!). Then we can analyze and draw conclusions. This free program is a tool that will help you record what you eat, sleep, evacuate, feel and do during the next 7 days comfortably from your computer or your cell phone. You will receive daily reminders and find everything you need to keep track of how your day is going. You will only need to make some space for attention, curiosity and a little bit of perseverance. At the end of the program I will provide you with a PDF report with everything you have recorded. Valuable information that will help us to draw a good and special plan for you. Oh, and it doesn't have to be Monday to get started! Hehe... Shall we start?

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