Girl Hiking in Mountains

A change of route

I suggest we make a stop to check if we are moving in the right direction.
And this is the perfect moment, right now.

It's time to rethink all that we have done, all that we believed.

It's time to empower ourselves and trust in the process. Because you have the power to find your right path and to regain the right balance for you.


THE ‘BALANCE’ program

  • What are you going to do in this program?

· Learn to observe your body and know your story

· Keep on track of everything you do without judgement

· Introduce and experience some simple changes in your daily habits concerning about food, breathing, movement and cleansing techniques


  • What are you going to achieve?

· Learn how to take better care of your body through a practical and comprehensive approach rooted in science and experimentation.
· You’re going to increase sleep, energy, bowel movement, focus & concentration and sense of wellbeing 
· While decreasing or eliminating insomnia, fatigue, constipation, brain fog, anxiousness, skin issues...

· Self knowledge and empowerment that leads you to your right balance 

You won’t get lost.
You’re not alone.

You Choose The Rhythm And The Depth

Image by Michał Parzuchowski


· 1 30' Gift Call
· 1 Individual Session of 45’
· “Where You Are” study
· Recommendations  + basic plan and guidelines
· “5 steps towards your balance” pdf
· Communication by mail

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· 1 30' Gift Call  
·  5 45’ online sessions
· “Where You Are” study
· Recommendations  + personalized plan
· “5 steps towards your balance” pdf
· Communication by
Spaces app
· Members area access + online resources and programs

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· 1 30' Gift Call
· 9 45’ online sessions
· “Where You Are” study
· Recommendations  + personalized plan
· “5 steps towards your balance” pdf
· Communication
by Spaces app
· Members area access + online resources and programs
· Breathing and hormonal boosting stimulation exercises

Is not all


· You will redraw your relationship with food.

· You will fall in love with simplicity...

The Five Areas On Which We Will Work


· Observation without judgement. Daily registration · Looking towards Your Past. Chronological Calendar. Quizzes · Looking towards Your Future. Establishing Your Goals and Purpose Clarify your core values and goals. Love what it is. Love where you are. Love the process.
Love every step and every decision. Love Yourself.


· Inner & Outer Cleansing Basic Techniques to Help Real Detox
· Deep Sleep Secrets

Basic, natural and effective cleansing techniques
to help your organs have a relief.
Cleansing as a way to explore and connect to your body and its needs.
Authentic beauty as a consequence of caring for ourselves inside out.


· What Science Says at a Glance
· Rethink Your Kitchen
· Elimination / Substitution / Rebalancing Phase
· Redesign the Mind, the Kitchen and the Grocery List
· Exploring the Best Dietary Choices and Structures
· The Fast Fast
Food that nourishes, food that weakens and sickens.
Identify what foods are triggering you.​
Food as medicinal information.
Good food, good mood.


· Breathing MeditActions exercises to Balance Mind & Body activating the Parasympathetic Nervous System
· Level 1 of 'IHB Immunity & Hormones Boosting Series' exercises to stimulate Happy Hormones production from the life-transforming NSR-bartu Method®

Breathing, the source of our energy.
Movement, the energy of life.


· Abdominal Self Massage Basic Techniques to Energise Your Gut & Improve Bowels and Lymph Movement

Release tension, expand tissues, activate energy and liquid flow.
Your intuitive hands will guide you.

· Reprogram the way you think, breathe, eat and move for the better

· Identify and remove the triggers (toxins)
   · Repair permeability gut
  · Nourish and recharge your body to regain its power to regenerate


· Undoing the mistakes. Understanding the misleadings.
· Seeing what we do with clarity and consciousness.
· Understanding our body's reasons and needs.


· Following the logic of where the nature is.
· Going back to roots.
· Allowing repair and nourishment happen.

· Power mantra: Less is More.


· Created by extracting the common denominator of different protocols based on cutting edge science of greatest doctors and experts.

· No supplementation.

· No super foods.

· Not in a hurry.


Lifestyle modifications can slow, stop, or even reverse the progression of the disease.
That's how powerful it is.

Take the Steps Forward to Your
Right Balance

Everything is much simpler than we think

There are several and simple things you can do to give your body the chance to recover its BALANCE


The contents of this website and program are for informational, inspirational and practical purposes only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. This website does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

The author encourages you to make your own healthcare decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

This is a complementary point of view which your doctor should be informed of. If his/her opinion is opposed to all the good practices that I collected and suggest that can improve your wellness and energy, maybe you should find another doctor... ;)  Let's work together! 


Side effects include, but are NOT limited to improvement in overall mood, drop in body fat, increase mental focus, reduction in depression, improved joint flexibility, reduce acne and skin blemishes, improved skin texture with overall detoxification may occur!