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Are you struggling with back, shoulder, joint pain, or digestive issues?

Are you ready to embrace a life free from pain?


I am Laura Sola

I'll help your body achieve balance and a life free of symptoms

Maybe Do You...

  • Suffer from chronic pain or digestive issues?
  • Struggle with poor circulation?
  • Often suffer muscle tension or constant stress?
  • Feel low on energy or overall well-being?
  • Feel frustrated with treatments that don't show quick results?
  • Want to prevent yourself from having back pain and digestive problems in the future.

If any of these describe you, then... 

I invite you to experience the synergy of my gentle and powerful touch combined with the benefits of diathermy.

Experience targeted relief from back, joint, and shoulder pain, as well as digestive issues, through the unique combination of my soft osteopathic techniques and the healing power of diathermy that enhances circulation, boosts metabolism, provides deep relaxation and speeds up tissue repair.

See and feel the difference from your very first session.​
hipertermia-manos resistiva.jpeg

What Is Diathermy?

radiofrecuencia r200.jpg

Diathermy is a therapeutic treatment that uses high-frequency electrical currents to generate deep heat within body tissues.

This heat:

  • enhances blood circulation

  • eases muscle tension

  • boosts metabolism

  • promotes tissue repair 

  • reduces pain

I use the R200 diathermy radio-frequency generator, the same advanced technology favored by elite athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo and Pau Gasol for injury recovery and peak performance preparation, because of its exceptional benefits for both physical health and aesthetic treatments.

Diahtermy at home

The Effects of the R200 on Tissues

  • Improves metabolism

  • Balances pH

  • Reabsorbs catabolites

  • Enhances cellular function


Dr. Alberto Martí Bosch M.D., expert of metabolic diseases, conducted a microscopic observation and found that diathermy treatment improved oxygenation, as indicated by the redder coloration.

The yellow spots observed in the previous sample were identified as metabolic residues.

Sangre Josechu 1745.png

Blood Sample at 17:45 h

Sangre Josechu 1820.png

Blood Sample at 18:20 h

after 15' of Diathermy

Here Is My Scientific Foundation:
The Bartu-NSR Method®

Neuro Somatic Reprogramming®

Is a unique method founded by Sebastian Bartu C.O. a Swiss Osteopath and Yoga Instructor trained in Clinical Psychology.

This simple and effective method, honed over 20 years of transforming lives, combines powerful techniques from Osteopathy, Yoga, Psychology, Martial Arts, and Mindfulness. 

This method teaches individuals to reprogram the nervous system to send new health-empowering and pain-releasing signals throughout the body, resulting in:

Image by Brooke Cagle

Reduced Stress and Prevention of Burnout

Learn techniques to reduce cortisol levels and manage stress effectively.


Relief From Chronic or Acute Joint/Muscle Pain

Address muscle and joint pain, including back, neck, shoulder, and knee pain.


Balanced Nervous and Hormonal Systems

Achieve harmony in nervous and hormonal systems for sustained well-being.

Experience All the Benefits and Elevate Your Well-Being

As a certified Bartu Method practitioner and trained abdominal massage therapist, I have developed a unique approach that combines gentle and effective osteopathic techniques to alleviate pain, improve circulation, and relax the nervous system with the restorative benefits of diathermy through my hands using the R200


Achieve Your 
Right Balance

  • In the nervous system

  • Between stress and happiness hormones

  • Between muscle contraction and relaxation 


By combining the profound impact of the Bartu Method® techniques with the power of the R200 diathermy, I will help you achieve the quality of life you deserve.

What Clients Say About My Work

My improvement from yesterday to today in my foot has been amazing... Thank you Laura because you have saved me.

Fina Ferre, 54

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